Commit df34ba2b authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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add unique id to mmap log file names

This is needed to distinguish between log files generated with
the same job id (i.e., for jobs that have multiple steps)
parent 0ed720e8
......@@ -786,6 +786,9 @@ static void *darshan_init_mmap_log(struct darshan_core_runtime* core, int jobid)
int mmap_size;
int sys_page_size;
char cuser[L_cuserid] = {0};
uint64_t hlevel;
char hname[HOST_NAME_MAX];
uint64_t logmod;
char *envstr;
char *mmap_log_path;
void *mmap_p;
......@@ -806,12 +809,25 @@ static void *darshan_init_mmap_log(struct darshan_core_runtime* core, int jobid)
/* generate a random number to help differentiate the temporary log */
/* NOTE: job id is not sufficient for constructing a unique log file name,
* since a job could be composed of multiple application runs, so we also
* add a random number component to the log name
if(my_rank == 0)
hlevel=DARSHAN_MPI_CALL(PMPI_Wtime)() * 1000000;
(void)gethostname(hname, sizeof(hname));
logmod = darshan_hash((void*)hname,strlen(hname),hlevel);
/* construct a unique temporary log file name for this process
* to write mmap log data to
snprintf(core->mmap_log_name, PATH_MAX,
mmap_log_path, cuser, __progname, jobid, my_rank);
"/%s/%s_%s_id%d_mmap-log-%" PRIu64 "-%d.darshan",
mmap_log_path, cuser, __progname, jobid, logmod, my_rank);
/* create the temporary mmapped darshan log */
mmap_fd = open(core->mmap_log_name, O_CREAT|O_RDWR|O_EXCL , 0644);
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