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Add release checklist for PyDarshan.

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Notes on how to release a new version of PyDarshan
- Ensure python dev environment with dev dependencies, if not already present
(- python3 -m venv venv)
(- source venv/bin/activate)
(- pip install -r requirements_dev.txt # deps for packaging, testing, and docs generation)
If present:
- source venv/bin/activate
- export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=<libdarshanutils-path-to-test-against>/
- Make sure documentation in docs/ is up to date
- commit
- (might connect this with readthedocs to have this automatically, otherwise upload docs/_build/html/*)
- Update changelog or history.rst
- TODO: this does not apply when the release cycle coincides with darshan
- commit
- Update version numbers in:
- Run tests with tox against different python versions
- make test-all
- Submit to PyPi using twine:
- make release
(be prompted for username/password)
- Add/update spack package: py-darshan
- add version entry
- add hash of release tar.gz from pypi (because that one should always exist) / or use mcs darshan mirror
- check if new dependencies are required (compare to requirements.txt)
- submit as pull request to
- Announce:
- Regular Darshan Release: Copy release notes for PyDarshan and attach as seperate section (mailinglist, website/blog)
- PyDarshan only: Post release note section of PyDarshan (mailinglist, website/blog)
Note on Versionsformat:
Whenever libdarshan-utils has a version change, PyDarshan is bumped accordingly.
4th position version numbers allows for PyDarshan to be on a faster release cycle.
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