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......@@ -293,6 +293,11 @@ As in any Darshan installation, the script can then be
used to create the appropriate directory hierarchy for storing Darshan log
files in the --with-log-path directory.
Note that Darshan is not currently capable of detecting the stripe size
(and therefore the Darshan FILE_ALIGNMENT value) on Lustre file systems.
If a Lustre file system is detected, then Darshan assumes an optimal
file alignment of 1 MiB.
==== Compiler wrappers (system-wide installation)
......@@ -425,3 +430,16 @@ MPI 1.6.4 and newer. For more details on why Darshan is not compatible with
older versions of Open MPI, please refer to the following mailing list discussion:
== Runtime environment variables
The Darshan library honors the following environment variables to modify
behavior at runtime:
* DARSHAN_DISABLE: disables Darshan instrumentation
* DARSHAN_INTERNAL_TIMING: enables internal instrumentation that will print the time required to startup and shutdown Darshan to stderr at run time.
* DARSHAN_LOGHINTS: specifies the MPI-IO hints to use when storing the Darshan output file. The format is a semicolon-delimited list of key=value pairs, for example: hint1=value1;hint2=value2
* DARSHAN_DISABLE_TIMING: disables the subset of Darshan instrumentation that gathers timing information
* DARSHAN_MEMALIGN: specifies a value for memory alignment (CP_MEM_ALIGNMENT)
* DARSHAN_JOBID: specifies the name of the environment variable to use for the job identifier, such as PBS_JOBID
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