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updating draft changelog for 2.0.0 release

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Darshan Release Change Log Darshan Release Change Log
-------------------------- --------------------------
darshan-2.0.0-pre1 darshan-2.0.0
================== =============
* introduce new output file format that is portable across architectures, with * new output file format that is portable across architectures
reader-makes-right byte swapping NOTE: Darshan 1.x output files are incompatible with the tools in this
* enable to open output files directly without using release unless they were generated on a ppc32 architecture (Blue Gene)
intermediate darshan-parser output * 8 new counters that record the rank of the fastest and slowest process that
* backwards compatibility to version 1.1.0 opened each shared file, along with the number of seconds and number of
bytes consumed by those processes. It also reports the variance in both
time and amount of data.
* new --with-jobid-env configure argument to support recording job identifiers
from different schedulers
* job ID is now recorded within the Darshan log in addition to in the file
* opens output files directly without using intermediate darshan-parser output
* table showing data usage per file system
* table showing I/O balance in shared files
* Fixes for bugs reported by Noah Watkins:
* avoid name collision in hashing function
* divide by zero error in
darshan-1.1.14 darshan-1.1.14
============== ==============
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