Commit 8b3771d4 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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check lustre striping for all files

This attempts to work around issue #302, where Darshan can't
instrument Lustre striping information for symlinks to Lustre
files that reside on other file systems. The method for querying
Lustre striping info is general enough (based on xattrs) and
low-overhead enough that this should not create any issues for
Darshan users.

Closes #302
parent 95678e94
......@@ -2342,8 +2342,16 @@ char *darshan_core_lookup_record_name(darshan_record_id rec_id)
void darshan_instrument_fs_data(int fs_type, const char *path, int fd)
/* allow lustre to generate a record if we configured with lustre support */
if(fs_type == LL_SUPER_MAGIC)
/* allow Lustre to generate a record if we configured with Lustre support */
/* XXX: Note that we short-circuit this Lustre file system check and try to
* query Lustre striping stats for *all* files instrumented by Darshan (i.e.,
* Lustre files or not). We do this so that symlinks to Lustre files are
* properly instrumented, since these symlinks might live on other non-Lustre
* file systems. We have instrumented this Lustre file system check on a number
* of file systems and believe it is low overhead enough to not be noticable by
* users.
if(1 || fs_type == LL_SUPER_MAGIC)
darshan_instrument_lustre_file(path, fd);
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