Commit 7f05cf73 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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Merge branch 'gkl/obfuscate-fs-fix' into 'master'

gkl/obfuscate fs fix: prepend file path to hashed file name to retain fs info

Prepends the file system path to the hashed file name generated by `darshan-convert --obfuscate` so that darshan-parser can still link obfuscated file records to the mounts table.

See merge request !1
parents df34ba2b eadbecfd
......@@ -138,19 +138,41 @@ void obfuscate_exe(int key, char *exe)
void obfuscate_filenames(int key, struct darshan_name_record_ref *name_hash)
void obfuscate_filenames(int key, struct darshan_name_record_ref *name_hash, struct darshan_mnt_info *mnt_data_array, int mount_count )
struct darshan_name_record_ref *ref, *tmp;
uint32_t hashed;
char tmp_string[128] = {0};
char tmp_string[PATH_MAX+128] = {0};
darshan_record_id tmp_id;
HASH_ITER(hlink, name_hash, ref, tmp)
/* find file system */
int j;
char *mnt_pt = NULL;
/* get mount point and fs type associated with this record */
for(j=0; j<mount_count; j++)
if(strncmp(mnt_data_array[j].mnt_path, ref->name_record->name,
strlen(mnt_data_array[j].mnt_path)) == 0)
mnt_pt = mnt_data_array[j].mnt_path;
tmp_id = ref->name_record->id;
hashed = darshan_hashlittle(ref->name_record->name,
strlen(ref->name_record->name), key);
sprintf(tmp_string, "%u", hashed);
if ( mnt_pt != NULL )
sprintf(tmp_string, "%s/%u", mnt_pt, hashed);
sprintf(tmp_string, "%u", hashed);
ref->name_record = malloc(sizeof(struct darshan_name_record) +
......@@ -330,7 +352,7 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
/* NOTE: obfuscating filepaths breaks the ability to map files
* to the corresponding FS & mount info maintained by darshan
if(obfuscate) obfuscate_filenames(key, name_hash);
if(obfuscate) obfuscate_filenames(key, name_hash, mnt_data_array, mount_count );
if(hash) remove_hash_recs(&name_hash, hash);
ret = darshan_log_put_namehash(outfile, name_hash);
......@@ -586,7 +586,7 @@ int darshan_log_put_namehash(darshan_fd fd, struct darshan_name_record_ref *hash
struct darshan_fd_int_state *state = fd->state;
struct darshan_name_record_ref *ref, *tmp;
struct darshan_name_record_ref *name_rec;
struct darshan_name_record *name_rec;
int name_rec_len;
int wrote;
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