Commit 6c828abb authored by Glenn K. Lockwood's avatar Glenn K. Lockwood
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forgot to add darshan-lustre.h, which is needed to hook together the module and darshan-core-stub.c

parent a61ebca2
struct lustre_record_runtime
struct darshan_lustre_record *record;
size_t record_size;
UT_hash_handle hlink;
struct lustre_runtime
int record_count; /* number of records defined */
size_t record_buffer_max; /* size of the allocated buffer pointed to by record_buffer */
size_t record_buffer_used; /* size of the allocated buffer actually used */
void *next_free_record; /* pointer to end of record_buffer */
void *record_buffer; /* buffer in which records are created */
struct lustre_record_runtime *record_runtime_array;
struct lustre_record_runtime *record_runtime_hash;
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