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Darshan Release Change Log
* add stdio I/O library instrumentation module (Philip Carns)
- this handles instrumentation of file stream I/O functions
like fopen(), fprintf(), fscanf(), etc.
- this module also captures stats on the standard streams (stdin,
stdout, & stdin)
* add Lustre instrumentation module (Glenn Lockwood)
- this module provides Lustre striping details (e.g., stripe
width, stripe size, list of OSTs a file is striped over)
* add new mmap-based logging mechanism that allows Darshan to
generate output logs even in cases where applications don't
call MPI_Finalize()
- these logs are uncompressed and are per-process rather
than per-job
* add the darshan-merge utility to darshan-util to allow per-process
logs generated by the mmap-based logging mechanism to be converted
into Darshan's traditional compressed per-job log files
* augment the POSIX module timestamp counters to also include a
LAST_OPEN & FIRST_CLOSE counters to give more details on application
I/O intervals
* avoid saving duplicate mount point entries in Darshan log files
* bug fix in darshan logutil mount parsing code that was
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