Commit 612a313e authored by Jakob Luettgau's avatar Jakob Luettgau
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Remove travis CI.

parent 2a04e59d
# Config file for automatic testing at
language: python
- 3.6
- 3.5
- 3.4
- 2.7
# Command to install dependencies, e.g. pip install -r requirements.txt --use-mirrors
install: pip install -U tox-travis
# Command to run tests, e.g. python test
script: tox
# Assuming you have installed the travis-ci CLI tool, after you
# create the Github repo and add it to Travis, run the
# following command to finish PyPI deployment setup:
# $ travis encrypt --add deploy.password
provider: pypi
distributions: sdist bdist_wheel
user: jakobluettgau
tags: true
repo: jakobluettgau/pydarshan
python: 3.6
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