Commit 5ec3e5a9 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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Merge branch 'snyder/dev-issue302-lustre-symlinks' into 'master'

check lustre striping for all files

Closes #302

See merge request !108
parents 95678e94 8b3771d4
......@@ -2342,8 +2342,16 @@ char *darshan_core_lookup_record_name(darshan_record_id rec_id)
void darshan_instrument_fs_data(int fs_type, const char *path, int fd)
/* allow lustre to generate a record if we configured with lustre support */
if(fs_type == LL_SUPER_MAGIC)
/* allow Lustre to generate a record if we configured with Lustre support */
/* XXX: Note that we short-circuit this Lustre file system check and try to
* query Lustre striping stats for *all* files instrumented by Darshan (i.e.,
* Lustre files or not). We do this so that symlinks to Lustre files are
* properly instrumented, since these symlinks might live on other non-Lustre
* file systems. We have instrumented this Lustre file system check on a number
* of file systems and believe it is low overhead enough to not be noticable by
* users.
if(1 || fs_type == LL_SUPER_MAGIC)
darshan_instrument_lustre_file(path, fd);
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