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update Changelog for Darshan 2.2.8-pre2

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Darshan Release Change Log
* Add wrappers for POSIX AIO operations (fixes tracking of underlying POSIX
operations resulting from nonblocking MPI-IO operations. Bug reported by
David Shrader.)
* Fix compile-time errors when Darshan is configured for use with MPICH 3.x
installations with const correct MPI function prototypes. Also affects
MPICH 1.5+ installations with optional const support. Reported by Yushu Yao.
* Fix segmentation fault when using LD_PRELOAD instrumentation on programs
that use MPI_Init_thread() rather than MPI_Init(). Reported by Myriam
* Improved ability to analyze the activity to particular files opened by an
- Added --file-list and --file-list-detailed options to darshan-parser to
lists files present within a log file along with summary statistics.
- Added --file optoin to darshan-convert to filter out activity for a
specific file from a Darshan log
- script to generate a separate pdf summary for
each file opened by an application, developed by Rob Latham.
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