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update documenation re: Lustre file alignment

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......@@ -209,7 +209,9 @@ question, such a `read()`, `pread()`, and `readv()` for CP_POSIX_READS.
| CP_MEM_NOT_ALIGNED | Number of times that a read or write was not aligned in memory
| CP_MEM_ALIGNMENT | Memory alignment value (chosen at compile time)
| CP_FILE_NOT_ALIGNED | Number of times that a read or write was not aligned in file
| CP_FILE_ALIGNMENT | File alignment value (detected at run time)
| CP_FILE_ALIGNMENT | File alignment value. This value is detected at
runtime on most file systems. On Lustre, however, Darshan assumes a default
value of 1 MiB for optimal file alignment.
| CP_MAX_READ_TIME_SIZE | Size of the slowest POSIX read operation
| CP_MAX_WRITE_TIME_SIZE | Size of the slowest POSIX write operation
| CP_SIZE_READ_* | Histogram of read access sizes at POSIX level
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