Commit 52a56762 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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cleanup darshan main header comments

parent 84b8bb1c
......@@ -128,8 +128,8 @@ darshan_record_id darshan_core_gen_record_id(
* properly tracked and (potentially) correlated with records from other
* modules. 'rec_id' is the Darshan record id as given by the
* `darshan_core_gen_record_id` function. 'name' is the the name of the
* Darshan record (e.g., the full file path), which for now is just a
* string. 'mod_id' is the identifier of the calling module. 'rec_len'
* Darshan record (e.g., the full file path), which is ignored if NULL is
* passed. 'mod_id' is the identifier of the calling module. 'rec_len'
* is the size of the record being registered with Darshan. If given,
* 'fs_info' is a pointer to a structure containing information on
* the underlying FS this record is associated with (determined by
......@@ -144,7 +144,15 @@ void *darshan_core_register_record(
int rec_len,
struct darshan_fs_info *fs_info);
/* TODO */
/* darshan_instrument_fs_data()
* Allow file system-specific modules to instrument data for the file
* stored at 'path'. 'fs_type' is checked to determine the underlying
* filesystem and calls into the corresponding file system instrumentation
* module, if defined -- currently we only have a Lustre module. 'fd' is
* the file descriptor corresponding to the file, which may be needed by
* the file system to retrieve specific parameters.
void darshan_instrument_fs_data(
int fs_type,
const char *path,
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