Commit 3e5753e4 authored by Glenn K. Lockwood's avatar Glenn K. Lockwood
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updated text descriptions of the Lustre counters

parent 0934519c
......@@ -106,7 +106,11 @@ static void darshan_log_print_lustre_description()
/* TODO: add actual counter descriptions here */
printf("\n# description of LUSTRE counters:\n");
printf("# LUSTRE_TEST_COUNTER: counter for testing Lustre module.\n");
printf("# LUSTRE_OSTS: number of OSTs across the entire file system.\n");
printf("# LUSTRE_MDTS: number of MDTs across the entire file system.\n");
printf("# LUSTRE_STRIPE_SIZE: stripe size for file in bytes.\n");
printf("# LUSTRE_STRIPE_WIDTH: number of OSTs over which file is striped.\n");
printf("# LUSTRE_STRIPE_OFFSET: OBD index of the file's first stripe.\n");
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