Commit 364be0ac authored by fisaila's avatar fisaila

Fixed a bug in the darshans extensions when writing 0 bytes from 1 process.

git-svn-id: 3b7491f3-a168-0410-bf4b-c445ed680a29
parent bfab3fa7
......@@ -241,7 +241,7 @@ void CP_RECORD_MPI_WRITE(int __ret, MPI_File __fh, int __count, MPI_Datatype __d
foff2 = func_1_inf(__fh, __voff, size); //
// printf("foff1 = %lld foff1_func_1 = %lld foff2 = %lld foff2_func_1_inf = %lld __voff =%lld __count=%d\n",
// foff1, func_1(__fh, __voff), foff2, func_1_inf(__fh, __voff, size), __voff, __count);
file_blocks = count_contiguous_blocks_file(__fh, foff1, foff2 );
file_blocks = (size>0)?count_contiguous_blocks_file(__fh, foff1, foff2 ):0;
CP_SET(file, CP_MIN_FILE_OFFSET, foff1);
CP_SET(file, CP_MAX_FILE_OFFSET, foff2);
CP_SET(file, CP_AVG_FILE_DTYPE_EXTENT, foff2 - foff1 + 1);
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