Commit 30c06099 authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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fix compile error when mmap is disabled

parent d599c583
......@@ -91,8 +91,10 @@ static struct mnt_data mnt_data_array[DARSHAN_MAX_MNTS];
static int mnt_data_count = 0;
/* prototypes for internal helper functions */
static void *darshan_init_mmap_log(
struct darshan_core_runtime* core, int jobid);
static void darshan_log_record_hints_and_ver(
struct darshan_core_runtime* core);
static void darshan_get_exe_and_mounts(
......@@ -749,6 +751,7 @@ void darshan_core_shutdown()
/* *********************************** */
static void *darshan_init_mmap_log(struct darshan_core_runtime* core, int jobid)
int ret;
......@@ -822,6 +825,7 @@ static void *darshan_init_mmap_log(struct darshan_core_runtime* core, int jobid)
/* record any hints used to write the darshan log in the job data */
static void darshan_log_record_hints_and_ver(struct darshan_core_runtime* core)
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