Commit 147c469e authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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Merge branch 'treddy_test_darshanreport_info' into 'master'

TST: add test for info() method

See merge request !98
parents 31bdb610 634c50e9
......@@ -70,3 +70,26 @@ def test_internal_references():
# check the convienience refs are working fine
check = id(report.records) == id(['records'])
assert check is True
def test_info_contents(capsys):
# regression guard for the output from the info()
# method of DarshanReport
report = darshan.DarshanReport("tests/input/sample.darshan")
captured = capsys.readouterr()
expected_keys = ['Times',
'Modules in Log',
'Loaded Records',
'Name Records',
expected_values = ['2048', '4478544', '69615']
expected_strings = expected_keys + expected_values
for expected_string in expected_strings:
assert expected_string in captured.out
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