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Fixes #114; make darshan-util honor the CC variable for compiler to use.

git-svn-id: 3b7491f3-a168-0410-bf4b-c445ed680a29
parent 3d89727d
......@@ -14,6 +14,9 @@ darshan-2.2.9-pre1
- Fix "undefined symbol: dlsym" error when using preloaded dynamic library
on some platforms, reported by Florin Isaila.
* Enhancements:
- Honor CC variable to allow darshan-util to be built with other compilers
besides gcc.
......@@ -37,35 +37,35 @@ uthash-1.9.2:
tar xjvf $(srcdir)/extern/uthash-1.9.2.tar.bz2
darshan-parser: darshan-parser.c $(DARSHAN_LOG_FORMAT) darshan-logutils.h darshan-logutils.o | uthash-1.9.2
gcc $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
darshan-convert: darshan-convert.c $(DARSHAN_LOG_FORMAT) darshan-logutils.h darshan-logutils.o lookup3.o
gcc $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o lookup3.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o lookup3.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
darshan-analyzer: darshan-analyzer.c $(DARSHAN_LOG_FORMAT) darshan-logutils.h darshan-logutils.o
gcc $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
darshan-log-params: darshan-log-params.c $(DARSHAN_LOG_FORMAT)
gcc $(CFLAGS) $< -o $@ $(LIBS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $< -o $@ $(LIBS)
jenkins: util/bin/jenkins.o lookup3.o
gcc $(CFLAGS) $< -o $@ lookup3.o $(LIBS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $< -o $@ lookup3.o $(LIBS)
darshan-diff: darshan-diff.o $(DARSHAN_LOG_FORMAT) darshan-logutils.o darshan-logutils.h
gcc $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) $< darshan-logutils.o -o $@ $(LIBS)
darshan-diff.o: darshan-diff.c
gcc $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
darshan-logutils.o: darshan-logutils.c
gcc $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
darshan-util-lib: darshan-logutils.o
ar rcs libdarshan-util.a $<
test/gztest: test/gztest.c mktestdir
gcc $(CFLAGS) -lz $< -o $@
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -lz $< -o $@
test/gz-bench: test/gz-bench.c mktestdir
gcc $(CFLAGS) -lz $< -o $@
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -lz $< -o $@
lookup3.o: lookup3.c
$(CC) $(CFLAGS) -c $< -o $@
......@@ -3562,6 +3562,8 @@ fi
$as_echo_n "checking zlib in ${ZLIB_HOME}... " >&6; }
{ $as_echo "$as_me:${as_lineno-$LINENO}: result: ok" >&5
$as_echo "ok" >&6; }
# If either header or library was not found, revert and bomb
......@@ -39,6 +39,15 @@ make
make install
CC variable
The darshan-util package is intended to be used on a login node or
workstation. For most use cases this means that you should
either leave CC to its default setting or specify a local compiler. This is
in contrast to the darshan-runtime documentation, which suggests setting CC
to mpicc because the runtime library will be used in the compute node
You can specify `--prefix` to install darshan-util in a specific location
(such as in your home directory for non-root installations). See
`./configure --help` for additional optional arguments, including how to
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