Commit 08f4a314 authored by fisaila's avatar fisaila
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parent f88b282a
......@@ -179,6 +179,27 @@ MPI_Offset func_1(MPI_File fh, MPI_Offset x);
static struct darshan_file_runtime* darshan_file_by_fh(MPI_File fh);
void printHints(MPI_Info * mpiHints)
int rank;
if (rank == 0) {
char key[MPI_MAX_INFO_VAL],
int flag, i, nkeys;
MPI_Info_get_nkeys(*mpiHints, &nkeys);
for (i = 0; i < nkeys; i++) {
MPI_Info_get_nthkey(*mpiHints, i, key);
MPI_Info_get(*mpiHints, key, MPI_MAX_INFO_VAL-1,
value, &flag);
fprintf(stdout,"\t%s = %s\n", key, value);
} /* printHints() */
void CP_RECORD_MPI_WRITE(int __ret, MPI_File __fh, int __count, MPI_Datatype __datatype,
int64_t __counter, double __tm1, double __tm2, MPI_Offset __voff) {
struct darshan_file_runtime* file;
......@@ -186,6 +207,9 @@ void CP_RECORD_MPI_WRITE(int __ret, MPI_File __fh, int __count, MPI_Datatype __d
MPI_Aint extent = 0;
MPI_Offset foff1, foff2;
int mem_blocks, file_blocks; //
MPI_Info hints;
MPI_File_get_info(__fh, &hints);
if(__ret != MPI_SUCCESS) return;
file = darshan_file_by_fh(__fh);
if(!file) return;
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