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......@@ -41,6 +41,25 @@ QUARSHAN
Starting from version, Darshan-Ruby comes with the **Quarshan** tool.
Quarshan is a command-line tool to query darshan files.
Once Darshan-Ruby is installed, you can call Quarshan as follows:
> quarshan -o COUNTER file.darshan
For example:
> quarshan -o POSIX_BYTES_WRITTEN ior1.darshan
Will output
/home/shane/software/darshan/testFile.00000000 1048576
/home/shane/software/darshan/testFile.00000001 1048576
/home/shane/software/darshan/testFile.00000002 1048576
/home/shane/software/darshan/testFile.00000003 1048576
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