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......@@ -104,8 +104,8 @@ using **-r** (or **--reductions**):
Instead of printing the name of the record on the first column, the number of
records will be printed.
Available reduction operators are: min (minimum), max (maximum), avg (average)
var (variance), std (standard deviation), med (median), sum (sum).
Available reduction operators are: **min** (minimum), **max** (maximum), **avg** (average)
**var** (variance), **std** (standard deviation), **med** (median), **sum** (sum).
When providing reduction operations, if you provide only one reduction
operation, it will be applied to all requested counters. If you provide multiple
reduction operations, you must make sure to provide the same number as the number
......@@ -114,13 +114,13 @@ of counters.
#### Conditionally selecting records
You can select only records that satisfy a particular condition using
*-s* (or *--select*).
For example to consider only records for which POSIX_F_META_TIME > 5.0e-5, use
**-s** (or **--select**).
For example to consider only records for which POSIX_F_META_TIME > 5.0e-5
and display the POSIX_BYTES_WRITTEN counter for them, use:
> quarshan -o POSIX_BYTES_WRITTEN ior1.darshan -v -s "POSIX_F_META_TIME > 5.0e-5"
/home/shane/software/darshan/testFile.00000001 1048576
/home/shane/software/darshan/testFile.00000002 1048576
/home/shane/software/darshan/testFile.00000003 1048576
......@@ -134,6 +134,19 @@ Note also that the query must be in between double-quotes.
You can of course mix selection queries with reduction operators!
#### Working with multiple darshan files
You can process a series of Darshan log files at once the same way you process
a single file. You can even process an entire directory, for example if you want
to know the total amount of data written for a set of jobs for which you have
the log files in a "log" directory:
> quarshan -o POSIX_BYTES_WRITTEN log/* -v -r sum
245 10485761024
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