Commit f426db8d authored by Shane Snyder's avatar Shane Snyder
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cleanup darshan-analyzer output

parent 51505ca9
......@@ -169,17 +169,18 @@ int main(int argc, char **argv)
printf ("log dir: %s\n", base);
printf (" total: %d\n", total_count);
printf (" shared: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_shared/(double)total_count, total_shared);
printf (" fpp: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_fpp/(double)total_count, total_fpp);
printf (" mpio: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_mpio/(double)total_count, total_mpio);
printf (" pnet: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_pnet/(double)total_count, total_pnet);
printf (" hdf5: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_hdf5/(double)total_count, total_hdf5);
printf ("total logs: %d\n", total_count);
printf (" shared file access: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_shared/(double)total_count, total_shared);
printf ("file-per-proccess access: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_fpp/(double)total_count, total_fpp);
printf (" mpio access: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_mpio/(double)total_count, total_mpio);
printf (" pnetcdf access: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_pnet/(double)total_count, total_pnet);
printf (" hdf5 access: %lf [%d]\n", (double)total_hdf5/(double)total_count, total_hdf5);
printf("\nI/O percentage of runtime:\n");
printf ("%.2lf-%.2lf: %d\n", (double)0.0, (double)BUCKET1, bucket1);
printf ("%.2lf-%.2lf: %d\n", (double)BUCKET1, (double)BUCKET2, bucket2);
printf ("%.2lf-%.2lf: %d\n", (double)BUCKET2, (double)BUCKET3, bucket3);
printf ("%.2lf-%.2lf: %d\n", (double)BUCKET3, (double)BUCKET4, bucket4);
printf ("%.2lf-%.2lf: %d\n", (double)BUCKET4, (double)100.0, bucket5);
printf ("%.2lf-%.2lf: %d\n", (double)BUCKET4, (double)1.0, bucket5);
return 0;
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