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stub master script for regression testing

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This directory contains regression tests for both the runtime and util components of Darshan,
assuming that Darshan is already compiled and installed in a known path.
The master script must be executed with three arguments:
1) path to darshan installation
2) path to temporary directory (for building executables, collecting logs, etc. during test)
3) platform type; options include:
- ws (for a standard workstation)
The platform type should map to a subdirectory containing scripts that describe how to
perform platform-specific tasks (like loading or generating darshan wrappers and executing
- tie this in with the "automated" directory in the tree, which already performs automated
build tests (but no runtime tests) in Jenkins
if [ "$#" -ne 3 ]; then
echo "Usage: <darshan_install_path> <tmp_path> <platform>"
echo "Example: ./ ~/darshan-install /tmp/test ws"
exit 1
# set variables for use by other sub-scripts
export DARSHAN_PATH=$1
export DARSHAN_TMP=$2
# check darshan path
if [ ! -x $DARSHAN_PATH/bin/darshan-parser ]; then
echo "Error: $DARSHAN_PATH doesn't contain a valid Darshan install."
exit 1
# check and/or create tmp path
if [ ! -d $DARSHAN_TMP ]; then
mkdir -p $DARSHAN_TMP
if [ ! -d $DARSHAN_TMP ]; then
echo "Error: unable to find or create $DARSHAN_TMP"
exit 1
if [ ! -w $DARSHAN_TMP ]; then
echo "Error: unable to write to $DARSHAN_TMP"
exit 1
# make sure that we have sub-scripts for the specified platform
if [ ! -d $DARSHAN_PLATFORM ]; then
echo "Error: unable to find scripts for platform $DARSHAN_PLATFORM"
exit 1
exit 0
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