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extended comments on posix_file_runtime_ref

parent 2f7e0da1
......@@ -138,6 +138,17 @@ struct posix_file_runtime
* available. This structure includes another hash table link, since separate
* hashes are maintained for posix_file_runtime structures and posix_file_runtime_ref
* structures.
* RATIONALE: In theory the fd information could be included in the
* posix_file_runtime struct rather than in a separate structure here. The
* reason we don't do that is because the same file could be opened multiple
* times by a given process with different file descriptors and thus
* simulataneously referenced using different file descriptors. This practice is
* not common, but we must support it.
* NOTE: there are potentially multiple posix_file_runtime_ref structures
* referring to a single posix_file_runtime structure. Most of the time there is
* only one, however.
struct posix_file_runtime_ref
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