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Update README with information about git aliases

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......@@ -42,3 +42,16 @@ Example:
`fool [git-tips:master?+>]$` (only imagine it in color... yeah, real helpful, I know...)
This means the local branch `master` is ahead of the remote branch it is tracking, there is at least one stash, and there are untracked files present.
### git-aliases
A collection of useful git aliases. These can be placed in `~/.gitconfig` (recommended) or within a project's git config (not recommended).
* `co` - Alias for `checkout`, easier and quicker to type
* `last` - Display information about the most recent commit
* `unstage` - Reverse a `git add <file>` with `git unstage <file>`
* `ls` - list all the files currently tracked by git
* `vis` - display a pretty listing of log messages with a graph of the branching
* `today` - (Requires git v1.8+) displays log of commits since yesterday; e.g. today's commits
* `squash` - Does an interactive rebase of the previous # commits; useful for squashing commits
* `stashed` - Display information about stashes
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