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Commit ac24d4e7 authored by Caitlin Ross's avatar Caitlin Ross

updated vis readme to list the LPs that have event type collection implemented

parent e0203ac6
......@@ -125,3 +125,11 @@ struct model_net_method dragonfly_router_method =
Any other LPs built off of the model net LP, can be changed in the same way.
### CODES LPs that have event type collection implemented:
- nw-lp (model-net-mpi-replay.c)
- original dragonfly router and terminal LPs (dragonfly.c)
- dfly server LP (model-net-synthetic.c)
- fat tree terminal and switch LPs (fattree.c)
- model-net-base-lp (model-net-lp.c)
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