Commit 885ce098 authored by Noah Wolfe's avatar Noah Wolfe Committed by Nikhil

Fat Tree model finally compilesgit add src/networks/model-net/fattree.c...

Fat Tree model finally compilesgit add src/networks/model-net/fattree.c codes/net/fattree.h ! Hooray./gephi/bin/gephi Many changes/updates have been made. Guarenteed to have bugs.
parent 90861808
...@@ -35,19 +35,28 @@ struct fattree_message ...@@ -35,19 +35,28 @@ struct fattree_message
int last_hop; int last_hop;
int intm_id; //to find which port I connect to sender with int intm_id; //to find which port I connect to sender with
/* number of hops traversed by the packet */
short my_N_hop;
// For buffer message // For buffer message
short vc_index; short vc_index;
short vc_off; short vc_off;
int is_pull; int is_pull;
uint64_t pull_size; uint64_t pull_size;
/* for reverse computation */ /* for reverse computation */
int path_type;
tw_stime saved_available_time; tw_stime saved_available_time;
tw_stime saved_credit_time; tw_stime saved_credit_time;
uint64_t packet_size; uint64_t packet_size;
tw_stime msg_start_time; tw_stime msg_start_time;
tw_stime saved_sample_time;
tw_stime saved_avg_time;
tw_stime saved_rcv_time;
tw_stime saved_total_time;
/* For routing */ /* For routing */
uint64_t chunk_id;
uint64_t total_size; uint64_t total_size;
uint64_t message_id; uint64_t message_id;
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