Commit 3529873f authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon

DFP: Replacing QoS RC Mechanism

parent 0f5ecee8
......@@ -88,11 +88,16 @@ struct terminal_plus_message
short num_cll;
/* qos related attributes */
int qos_index;
short last_saved_qos;
short qos_reset1;
short qos_reset2;
/* new qos rc - These are calloced in forward events, free'd in RC or commit_f */
/* note: dynamic memory here is OK since it's only accessed by the LP that alloced it in the first place. */
short rc_is_qos_set;
unsigned long long * rc_qos_data;
int * rc_qos_status;
/* for reverse computation */
int path_type;
tw_stime saved_available_time;
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