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      Bring in updated slimfly model from fitfly fork · f24bd5c2
      Neil McGlohon authored
      This commit brings in changes that were made to the slimfly
      model by Noah since his fork to add support of the fitfly
      variant. This introduces dual-rail/dual-plane behavior. It
      should not interfere with single-rail/plane behavior of
      the model if configured that way.
      Almost all changes were incremental with only a few changes from
      mainline that were brought in - specifically vis api and damaris
      support changes.
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      Dragonfly Plus: Intermediate and Rerouting confs · c5d0b5a1
      Neil McGlohon authored
      This commit adds functionality to the dragonfly plus model. The
      functionality is to make whether source group rerouting and
      intermediate router choice a configurable option that is set
      in the config file.
      To use said configurables, use these config variables in your
      config file:
      	source_group_rerouting= {"off" | "on"} default="on";
      	intermediate_choice= {"leaf" | "spine" | "both"} default="leaf";
      If source group rerouting is on, then if a packet is currently being
      routed by a spine router in the source group, but the spine router
      does not have a connection to the intermediate group, then the spine
      will route the packet to another spine router within the source
      group who does have said connection to the intermediate group.
      If source group rerouting if off, then if a packet being currently routed
      by a spine router in the source group cannot be directly routed to the
      pre specified intermediate group in the message, then a new intermediate
      router/group will be chosen from the list of possible intermediate
      groups/routers that the source spine has connections to. It is not
      rerouted within the source group.
      Intermediate choice determines what type of routers can be chosen
      as an intermediate router. If "leaf" is set, then intermediate routers
      will only be of type leafs. Similar for "spine". If "both" is selected
      then it could be either.
      Additional features added in this commit:
      New configurable:
      	notification_on_hops_greater_than={"<int>"} default = MAX_INT
      This new configurable sets the maximum number of hops allowed before a
      printed notification of the number of hops that a current packet
      is at is output to stdout. This is to help debug and know when routing
      decisions are producing unexpected results.
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      complete update of workload generator for darshan3 · 4b369dec
      Philip Carns authored
      - this generator will issue MPI-IO events, which cannot yet be handled
        directly by CODES simulations but are honored by the
        codes-workload-mpi-replay utility
      - the codes-workload-mpi-replay utility now includes a --prep argument
        that will generate files that need to be read for subsequent replay
    • Philip Carns's avatar
      darshan 3.x workload parser · e8aa61e5
      Philip Carns authored
      - contributed by Jian Peng <jpeng10@hawk.iit.edu>
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      Create template to ease adding a network · d1dad464
      Nikhil authored
      For simplest case, only 2 functions and premable changes should suffice to add a
      new network. Update Express Mesh to serve as an example.
      Change-Id: I48de25b4c00360201cb23a4a7089ddc08300137d
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