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      recv-side queuing support (loggp only) · 6f9bc775
      Jonathan Jenkins authored
      Rather than model-net LPs directly sending messages to other model-net LPs, LPs
      can route the intended message through the scheduler interface to be queued up
      for reception by the receiver (see the diff of loggp.c). This has the benefit of
          enabling things like priority and fairness for N->1 communication patterns.
          Currently, no packetizing is supported, and I haven't yet wrote checks for
          it - beware.
      Loggp is currently the only supported model. simplenet could also be supported
      without much trouble, but I doubt there's any demand for it at the moment.  This
      should NOT be used by the dragonfly/torus models, as they have their own routing
  4. 08 Jul, 2014 1 commit
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      configuration method change allowing multiple networks · 8ef0ddb7
      Jonathan Jenkins authored
      - "modelnet" parameter in cfg is now a no-op
      - "modelnet_order" parameter in cfg is required,
        listing order in which networks are indexed to
        the model
      - modified "model_net_set_params" signature
      - updated tests to use the new interface
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      Updates to modelnet (1) Updated the mapping configuration for dragonfly (the... · 7a4ef14f
      Misbah Mubarak authored
      Updates to modelnet (1) Updated the mapping configuration for dragonfly (the mapping now distributes the routers equally on all the PES.  The old dragonly mapping configuration was placing the routers on a single PE which was causing congestion on that PE leading to slow model performance in parallel ) (2) Updated 'make check' to handle dragonfly and torus test cases as well (3) Remove the num_servers argument from model-net test case, the number of servers are now calculated from the config file (4) Placing the ross mapping parameters in the codes mapping file
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