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Dragonfly Plus Topo: Large Topo Support

parent 7de30418
......@@ -7,6 +7,10 @@ import struct
import numpy as np
argv = sys.argv
if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
raise Exception("Python 3 or a more recent version is required.")
class TopSize(Enum):
......@@ -15,8 +19,7 @@ class TopSize(Enum):
def main():
if(len(argv) < 8):
print("Correct usage: python %s <num_group> <num_spine> <num_leaf> <topology_size> <redundant_global_cons_per> <intra-file> <inter-file>" % sys.argv[0])
raise Exception("Correct usage: python %s <num_group> <num_spine> <num_leaf> <topology_size> <redundant_global_cons_per> <intra-file> <inter-file>" % sys.argv[0])
groups = int(argv[1])
num_spine_routers = int(argv[2])
......@@ -40,33 +43,34 @@ def getRouterGID(localID, groupNumber, routers_per_group):
def writeIntra(num_spine_routers,num_leaf_routers,fd):
total_routers = num_spine_routers + num_leaf_routers
A = np.zeros((total_routers,total_routers))
#for each spine router, connect it to all leaf routers in group
for si in range(num_spine_routers):
for li in range(num_spine_routers,total_routers):
A[si][li] = 1
print("INTRA %d %d"%(si,li))
A = np.zeros((total_routers,total_routers)) #intra adjacency matrix in case you want one
#for each leaf router, connect it to all spine routers in group
for li in range(num_spine_routers,total_routers):
for si in range(num_spine_routers):
for li in range(num_leaf_routers):
for si in range(num_leaf_routers,total_routers):
A[li][si] = 1
print("INTRA %d %d"%(li,si))
#for each spine router, connect it to all leaf routers in group
for si in range(num_leaf_routers,total_routers):
for li in range(num_leaf_routers):
A[si][li] = 1
print("INTRA %d %d"%(si,li))
def writeInter(num_spine_routers,num_leaf_routers, topology_size, num_groups, redundant_global_cons_per,fd):
total_routers_per_group = num_spine_routers + num_leaf_routers
global_total_routers = total_routers_per_group * num_groups
global_cons_per = redundant_global_cons_per + 1
Ag = np.zeros((global_total_routers,global_total_routers))
if (topology_size is TopSize.SMALL) or (topology_size is TopSize.MEDIUM):
#Every spine is connected to every other group
if (topology_size is TopSize.MEDIUM) and (redundant_global_cons_per > 0):
print("Error: redundant connections incompatible with Medium topology")
raise Exception("Error: redundant connections incompatible with Medium topology")
for source_gi in range(num_groups):
for si in range(num_leaf_routers, total_routers_per_group):
......@@ -86,33 +90,62 @@ def writeInter(num_spine_routers,num_leaf_routers, topology_size, num_groups, re
num_other_groups = num_groups - 1
if(num_other_groups%num_spine_routers != 0):
print("ERROR: Assymetrical - num_other_groups\%num_spine_routers != 0") #TODO Consider allowing such a setting?
raise Exception("ERROR: Assymetrical - num_other_groups\%num_spine_routers != 0") #TODO Consider allowing such a setting?
if(num_other_groups != (num_spine_routers**2)):
print("ERROR: Assymetrical - num_other_groups != num_spine_routers^2")
raise Exception("ERROR: Assymetrical - num_other_groups != num_spine_routers^2")
if num_other_groups != (num_spine_routers * ind_up_radix):
raise Exception("Error: Invalid topology - num groups exceeds group upward radix")
if ind_up_radix > num_groups:
raise Exception("ERROR: The number of global connections per spine router exceeds the number of groups. Not Large Topology!")
if ind_up_radix != num_spine_routers:
raise Exception("ERROR: the upward radix must equal the number of spine routers")
interlinks = []
spine_router_ids = [i for i in range(global_total_routers) if (i % total_routers_per_group) >= num_leaf_routers]
all_groups = [i for i in range(num_groups)]
for i,source_id in enumerate(spine_router_ids):
source_group_id = int(source_id / total_routers_per_group)
spine_local_id = source_id % total_routers_per_group
xth_spine = spine_local_id - num_leaf_routers #if we were only counting spine routers, this means that I am the xth spine where x is this value
other_groups = [j for j in range(num_groups) if j != source_group_id] #ids of groups not the source group
my_other_groups = [] #the specific groups that this spine router will connect to
for ii in range(ind_up_radix):
index = (source_group_id+1 + ii + xth_spine*ind_up_radix) % num_groups
dest_spinal_offset = (num_spine_routers-1) - xth_spine #which xth spine will the spine router connect to in the dest group.
for dest_group_id in my_other_groups:
dest_group_offset = dest_group_id * total_routers_per_group #starting gid for routers in dest group
dest_id = dest_group_offset + dest_spinal_offset + num_leaf_routers #gid of destination router
Ag[source_id,dest_id] = 1
interlinks.append((source_id, dest_id, source_group_id, dest_group_id))
if num_other_groups > (num_spine_routers * ind_radix/2):
print("Error: Invalid topology - num groups exceeds group upward radix")
for source_gi in range(num_groups): #for each group i
other_groups = [i for i in range(num_groups) if i != source_gi ] #list of group ids not including self
interlinks.sort(key=lambda x: x[0])
for si in range(num_spine_routers): #for each local spine router
source_id = getRouterGID(si,source_gi,total_routers_per_group) #get the global ID of local spine si
for link in interlinks:
fd.write(struct.pack("2i",link[0], link[1]))
print("INTER %d %d srcg %d destg %d" % (link[0], link[1], link[2], link[3]) )
for i in range(ind_up_radix): #Make a connection for each upward connection that the router has
gi = i + si*ind_up_radix
dest_id = getRouterGID(si,other_groups[gi],total_routers_per_group) #get global ID of destination router (has same local id as source)
for row in Ag:
row_sum = sum(row)
if row_sum > ind_up_radix:
raise Exception("Error: connectivity exceeds radix!")
print("INTER %d %d srcg %d destg %d"%(source_id,dest_id,source_gi,other_groups[gi]))
for col in Ag.T:
col_sum = sum(col)
if col_sum > ind_up_radix:
raise Exception("Error: Connectivity exceeds radix!")
print("Error: Invalid topology size given. Please use {0 | 1 | 2}")
raise Exception("Error: Invalid topology size given. Please use {0 | 1 | 2}")
if __name__ == '__main__':
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