Commit f287df62 authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon
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Dragonfly Custom: wrong size calloc fix

parent 658bb5fb
......@@ -1110,7 +1110,7 @@ void router_custom_setup(router_state * r, tw_lp * lp)
r->queued_msgs_tail =
(terminal_custom_message_list***)calloc(p->radix, sizeof(terminal_custom_message_list**));
r->queued_count = (int*)calloc(p->radix, sizeof(int));
r->last_buf_full = (tw_stime*)calloc(p->radix, sizeof(tw_stime*));
r->last_buf_full = (tw_stime*)calloc(p->radix, sizeof(tw_stime));
r->busy_time = (tw_stime*)calloc(p->radix, sizeof(tw_stime));
r->busy_time_sample = (tw_stime*)calloc(p->radix, sizeof(tw_stime));
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