Commit f24bd5c2 authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon

Bring in updated slimfly model from fitfly fork

This commit brings in changes that were made to the slimfly
model by Noah since his fork to add support of the fitfly
variant. This introduces dual-rail/dual-plane behavior. It
should not interfere with single-rail/plane behavior of
the model if configured that way.

Almost all changes were incremental with only a few changes from
mainline that were brought in - specifically vis api and damaris
support changes.
parent 28cc07b1
......@@ -63,6 +63,7 @@ struct slim_terminal_message
// For buffer message
short vc_index;
short rail_id;
int sender_radix;
int output_chan;
model_net_event_return event_rc;
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