Commit eb2af7d5 authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon
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Fix int overflow in model-net-mpi-replay

parent 96ff8be0
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ static int synthetic_pattern = 1;
static int preserve_wait_ordering = 0;
static int enable_msg_tracking = 0;
static int is_synthetic = 0;
static int max_gen_data = 1310720;
static unsigned long max_gen_data = 1310720;
tw_lpid TRACK_LP = -1;
int nprocs = 0;
static double total_syn_data = 0;
......@@ -2698,7 +2698,7 @@ const tw_optdef app_opt [] =
TWOPT_UINT("num_net_traces", num_net_traces, "number of network traces"),
TWOPT_UINT("priority_type", priority_type, "Priority type (zero): high priority to foreground traffic and low to background/2nd job, (one): high priority to collective operations "),
TWOPT_UINT("payload_sz", payload_sz, "size of payload for synthetic traffic "),
TWOPT_UINT("max_gen_data", max_gen_data, "maximum data to be generated for synthetic traffic "),
TWOPT_ULONG("max_gen_data", max_gen_data, "maximum data to be generated for synthetic traffic "),
TWOPT_UINT("eager_threshold", EAGER_THRESHOLD, "the transition point for eager/rendezvous protocols (Default 8192)"),
TWOPT_UINT("disable_compute", disable_delay, "disable compute simulation"),
TWOPT_UINT("payload_sz", payload_sz, "size of the payload for synthetic traffic"),
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