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Begin work for adding network graph

Change-Id: I968accd0eef11f9490a882dc7141788962b72621
parent 84bd42a0
......@@ -36,6 +36,7 @@ struct message_list {
union {
terminal_message dfly_msg;
em_message em_msg;
network_graph_message net_graph_msg;
char* event_data;
message_list *next;
* Copyright (C) 2014 University of Chicago.
* See COPYRIGHT notice in top-level directory.
//CHANGE: modify to match you header file name
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include <ross.h>
//CHANGE: modify to match the struct
typedef struct network_graph_message network_graph_message;
//CHANGE: modify the struct name - add to message_list union in common-net.h
struct network_graph_message
//common entries:
int magic; /* magic number */
short type; /* event type of the flit */
tw_stime travel_start_time; /* flit travel start time*/
unsigned long long packet_ID; /* packet ID of the flit */
char category[CATEGORY_NAME_MAX]; /* category: comes from codes */
tw_lpid final_dest_gid; /* final destination LP ID, this comes from codes can be a server or any other LP type*/
tw_lpid sender_lp; /*sending LP ID from CODES, can be a server or any other LP type */
tw_lpid sender_mn_lp; // source modelnet id (think NIC)
tw_lpid src_terminal_id; /* source terminal ID - mostly same as sender_mn_lp */
tw_lpid dest_terminal_id; /* destination modelnet id */
int dest_terminal; /* logical id of destination modelnet id */
/* packet/message identifier and status */
uint64_t chunk_id; //which chunk of packet I am
uint64_t packet_size; //what is the size of my packet
uint64_t message_id; //seq number at message level - NIC specified
uint64_t total_size; //total size of the message
int remote_event_size_bytes; // data size for target event at destination
int local_event_size_bytes; // data size for event at source
int is_pull;
uint64_t pull_size;
tw_stime msg_start_time;
//info for path traversal
short my_N_hop; /* hops traversed so far */
unsigned int intm_lp_id; /* Intermediate LP ID that sent this packet */
int last_hop; /* last hop of the message, can be a terminal, local router or global router */
int vc_index; /* stores port info */
int output_chan; /* virtual channel within port */
//info for reverse computation
short saved_vc;
short saved_port;
model_net_event_return event_rc;
tw_stime saved_available_time;
tw_stime saved_avg_time;
tw_stime saved_rcv_time;
tw_stime saved_busy_time;
tw_stime saved_total_time;
tw_stime saved_hist_start_time;
tw_stime saved_sample_time;
#ifdef __cplusplus
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