Commit c96e35a5 authored by Noah Wolfe's avatar Noah Wolfe
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Adding tick_interval and payload_sz commandline options

parent 93fc403d
......@@ -28,8 +28,8 @@
#define lprintf(_fmt, ...) \
do {if (CS_LP_DBG) printf(_fmt, __VA_ARGS__);} while (0)
#define MAX_STATS 65536
#define PAYLOAD_SZ 8
//#define PAYLOAD_SZ 8
static int PAYLOAD_SZ = 8;
static int msg_size_hash_compare(
void *key, struct qhash_head *link);
......@@ -2580,7 +2580,8 @@ const tw_optdef app_opt [] =
TWOPT_UINT("lp-io-use-suffix", lp_io_use_suffix, "Whether to append uniq suffix to lp-io directory (default 0)"),
TWOPT_CHAR("offset_file", offset_file, "offset file name"),
TWOPT_UINT("msgs_per_tick", msgs_per_tick, "Number of messages for each node to transfer between each simulated tick (Default 0)"),
TWOPT_STIME("tick_interval",tick_interval, "Length of a tick in nanoseconds (Default 0)"),
TWOPT_STIME("tick_interval", tick_interval, "Length of a tick in nanoseconds (Default 0)"),
TWOPT_STIME("payload_size", PAYLOAD_SZ, "size, in bytes, of the messages transfered in the background traffic (Default 8B)"),
TWOPT_CHAR("cortex-file", cortex_file, "Python file (without .py) containing the CoRtEx translation class"),
TWOPT_CHAR("cortex-class", cortex_class, "Python class implementing the CoRtEx translator"),
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