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Update fattree doc to discuss tapering.

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TODO: update needed for multi rail, ft type 2, and within node config.
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......@@ -51,15 +51,21 @@ Supported PARAMS:
packet_size, chunk_size (ideally kept same)
modelnet_scheduler - NIC message scheduler
modelnet_order=( "fattree" );
router_delay : delay caused by switched in ns
num_levels : number of levels in the fattree (same as fattree_switch)
tapering : controls division of ports to nodes at leaf level
switch_count : number of leaf level switches (same as repetitions)
switch_radix : radix of the switches
router_delay : delay caused by switched in ns
vc_size : size of switch VCs in bytes
cn_vc_size : size of VC between NIC and switch in bytes
link_bandwidth, cn_bandwidth : in GB/s
routing : {adaptive, static}
For radix k switches with tapering t, t*k/(t+1) ports are used for connecting
to nodes, and remaining are connected to next level switches. fmod(k, t+1) has
to be 0. Default tapering is 1, i.e. full bandwidth. Note that, even when
tapering is >1, the number of leaf level switches in a Pod are k/2.
2- Static Routing
If static routing is chosen, two more PARAMS must be provided:
routing_folder : folder that contain lft files generated using method described below.
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