Commit aa234ab5 authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon

DFDally/DFP add 3k interconnects

parent b46b507b
neil@MIMAS-L:~/RossDev/codes/scripts/dragonfly-dally$ python3 36 9 dfdally-3k-intra dfdally-3k-inter fitfly-neil!?
Dragonfly (Dally) Network:
Number of Groups: 19
Router Radix: 36
Number Routers Per Group: 18
Number Terminal Per Router: 9
Number GC per Router: 9
Number GC per Group: 162
Number GC between Groups: 9
Total Routers: 342
Total Number Terminals: 3078
Verifying Radix Usage...
Verifying Group Interconnection Counts...
New Dragonfly Plus Network
Dragonfly Plus Network: Generating Local Group Connections
Dragonfly Plus Network: Generating Global Group Connections
Verifying Symmetry...
Verifying Radix Usage...
Verifying Fairness...
Verifying Dragonfly Nature...
Verifying Inter Group Connection Uniformity...
Writing out IntraConnection File 'dfp-3k-intra':
Writing out InterConnection File 'dfp-3k-inter':
Dragonfly Plus Network:
Number of Groups: 10
Router Radix: 36
Number Spine Per Group: 18
Number Leaf Per Group: 18
Number Terminal Per Leaf: 18
Number GC per Spine: 18
Number GC per Group: 324
Number GC between Groups: 36
Total Spine: 180
Total Leaf: 180
Total Routers: 360
Total Number Terminals: 3240
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