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# Virtual ring "hot potato" test
Require language version "1.5".
trials is "Number of trials to perform" and comes from "--trials" or
"-t" with default 100000.
Assert that "the hot-potato test requires at least two tasks" with num_tasks>=2.
Let len be 0 while {
for each task_count in {2, ..., num_tasks} {
task 0 outputs "Performing " and trials and " " and
task_count and "-task runs...." then
for trials repetitions plus 5 warmup repetitions and a synchronization {
task 0 resets its counters then
task 0 sends a len byte message to unsuspecting task 1 then
task (n+1) mod task_count receives a len byte message from task n such that n<task_count then
task n such that n>0 /\ n<task_count sends a len byte message to unsuspecting task (n+1) mod task_count then
task 0 logs the task_count as "# of tasks" and
the minimum of elapsed_usecs/task_count as "Latency (usecs)" and
the mean of elapsed_usecs/task_count as "Latency (usecs)" and
the variance of elapsed_usecs/task_count as "Latency (usecs)"
} then
task 0 computes aggregates
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