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......@@ -72,6 +72,24 @@ int configuration_get_value(ConfigHandle *handle,
char *value,
size_t length);
* Get's the values for a give section/key pair which has multiple values.
* Caller's responsible for transforming it to a useable type.
* Assumes the key name is a MULTIKEY configuration type.
* handle - configuration handle
* section_name - name of the section the key is in
* key_name - name of the key
* values - array of points to values (must be freed by caller)
* length - number of value items
int configuration_get_multivalue(ConfigHandle *handle,
const char * section_name,
const char * key_name,
char ***values,
size_t *length);
* Get's the value for a give section/key pair and converts it to an int.
* Assumes the key name is a KEY configuration type.
......@@ -87,6 +87,26 @@ int configuration_get_value(ConfigHandle *handle,
return rc;
int configuration_get_multivalue(ConfigHandle *handle,
const char *section_name,
const char *key_name,
char ***values,
size_t *len)
SectionHandle section_handle;
int rc;
rc = cf_openSection(*handle, ROOT_SECTION, section_name, &section_handle);
assert(rc == 1);
rc = cf_getMultiKey(*handle, section_handle, key_name, values, len);
(void) cf_closeSection(*handle, section_handle);
return rc;
int configuration_get_value_int (ConfigHandle *handle,
const char *section_name,
const char *key_name,
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