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ROSS config opts in CODES

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......@@ -41,6 +41,15 @@ The configuration system additionally allows LP specialization via the usage of
parameterizations. Annotations have a simple "@" syntax appended to the LP
fields, and are optional.
CODES currently exposes a small number of ROSS simulation engine options within
the configuration file. These are "PARAMS:message_size" and
"PARAMS:pe_mem_factor". The "message_size" parameter indicates the upper bound
of event sizes that ROSS is expected to handle, while the "pe_mem_factor"
parameter indicates the multiplier to the number of events allocated per ROSS
PE (an MPI rank). Both of these exist to support the static allocation scheme
ROSS uses for efficiency - both LP states and the maximum population of events
are allocated statically at the beginning of the simulation.
The API is located at codes/configuration.h, which provides various types of
access into the simulation configuration. Detailed configuration files can be
found at doc/example/example.conf and doc/example_heterogeneous/example.conf.
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