Commit 6738d205 authored by Philip Carns's avatar Philip Carns

stub for p2p bandwidth test model

- just a slightly modified copy of normal modelnet test for now; will
  update to use as the primary test harness for loggp validation
parent 2f527704
check_PROGRAMS += tests/modelnet-test
check_PROGRAMS += tests/modelnet-test tests/modelnet-p2p-bw
TESTS += tests/ \
tests/ \
......@@ -15,3 +15,7 @@ testlib = src/libcodes-net.a
tests_modelnet_test_LDADD = $(testlib) ${CODES_BASE_LIBS}
tests_modelnet_test_CFLAGS = ${CODES_BASE_CFLAGS}
tests_modelnet_test_SOURCES = tests/modelnet-test.c
tests_modelnet_p2p_bw_LDADD = $(testlib) ${CODES_BASE_LIBS}
tests_modelnet_p2p_bw_CFLAGS = ${CODES_BASE_CFLAGS}
tests_modelnet_p2p_bw_SOURCES = tests/modelnet-p2p-bw.c
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