Commit 55a9cbf2 authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon
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DFP: fix terminal mapping when num_term != num_leaf

parent e9713d76
......@@ -1134,18 +1134,15 @@ int dragonfly_plus_get_assigned_router_id(int terminal_id, const dragonfly_plus_
// currently supports symmetrical bipartite spine/leaf router configurations
// first half of routers in a given group are leafs which have terminals
// second half of routers in a given group are spines which have no terminals
int num_groups = p->num_groups; // number of groups of routers in the network
int num_routers = p->num_routers; // num routers per group
int num_router_leaf = p->num_router_leaf; // num leaf routers per group
int num_cn = p->num_cn; // num compute nodes per leaf router
int num_cn_per_group = (num_router_leaf * num_cn);
int group_id = terminal_id / (num_router_leaf * num_cn);
int local_router_id = terminal_id % (num_router_leaf * num_cn) / num_router_leaf;
int group_id = terminal_id / num_cn_per_group;
int local_router_id = (terminal_id / num_cn) % num_router_leaf;
int router_id = (group_id * num_routers) + local_router_id;
// printf("Terminal %d: assigned to group %d, local router id %d, global router id %d\n",terminal_id,
// group_id, local_router_id, router_id);
return router_id;
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