Commit 558edb9d authored by Giorgis Georgakoudis's avatar Giorgis Georgakoudis
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Replace call of deprecated MPI_Type_hindexed

The commit replaces the call of the deprecated function MPI_Type_hindexed
with the current function MPI_Type_create_hindexed.

Using CODES with OpenMPI depends on this change.
parent f28191b7
......@@ -375,7 +375,7 @@ static int write_id(char* directory, char* identifier, MPI_Comm comm)
buf = buf->next;
MPI_Type_hindexed(id->buffers_count, lengths, displacements,
MPI_Type_create_hindexed(id->buffers_count, lengths, displacements,
MPI_BYTE, &mtype);
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