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added some scratch notes into best practices for later

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......@@ -641,6 +641,52 @@ event handlers are buggy).
strategies using it, tips on testing, common issues that come up, etc.
\item put a pdf or latex2html version of this document on the codes web page
when it's ready
\item use msg\_header at the top of all message structs
\item makes debugging a lot easier if they share the same first few fields
\item use different starting values for event type enums - along with
previous point, helps determine originating LP message
\item use self suspend (this deserves its own section)
\item separate register / configure functions for LPs
\item need to add lp type struct prior to codes\_mapping\_setup,
and it is often useful for LP-specific configuration to have
access to codes-mapping functionsk
\item especially needed for global config schemes with multiple
annotations - need the annotations provided by
codes-mapping, configuration APIs to know what fields to
look for
\item lp-io
\item use command-line to configure turning io on and off, and
where (dir) to place output. Use LP-specific options in the
configuration file to drive specific options for output within
the LP
\item suggested command line options
\item "--lp-io-dir=DIR" : use DIR as the directory -
absence of option indicates no lp-io output
\item "--lp-io-use-suffix=DUMMY" : add the PID of the root
rank to the directory name to avoid clashes between
multiple runs. If not specified, then the DIR option
will be exactly used, possibly leading to an assert.
\item dealing with simulations with many 'destructive' operations and
mutable state (esp. state used/reset in multiple event sequences)
\item use self-suspend liberally!!!
\item consider the *entire* sequence of events that affect a
piece of mutable/destructible state, esp. from different LPs.
You can get an event from the future on state that you've
rolled back, for example, or multiple equivalent events that
differ only in timestamp (e.g., event to remote -> roll back
-> event to remote)
\item don't use tw\_now at finalize - gives inconsistent results
\begin{comment} ==== SCRATCH MATERIAL ====
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