Commit 24d16769 authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon
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hotfix for bracket typo

parent 515d4fdb
......@@ -2989,9 +2989,10 @@ static Connection do_dfp_routing(router_state *s,
ConnectionType conn_type = poss_next_stops[0].conn_type;
Connection best_min_conn;
if (conn_type == CONN_GLOBAL)
if (conn_type == CONN_GLOBAL) {
int rand_sel = tw_rand_integer(lp->rng, 0, poss_next_stops.size() -1);
return poss_next_stops[rand_sel];
best_min_conn = get_absolute_best_connection_from_conns(s, bf, msg, lp, poss_next_stops); //gets absolute best
return best_min_conn;
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