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# A ping-pong latency test written in coNCePTuaL
Require language version "1.5".
# Parse the command line.
reps is "Number of repetitions of each message size" and comes from
"--reps" or "-r" with default 1000.
maxbytes is "Maximum number of bytes to transmit" and comes from
"--maxbytes" or "-m" with default 1M.
# Ensure that we have a peer with whom to communicate.
Assert that "the latency test requires at least two tasks" with num_tasks>=2.
# Perform the benchmark.
For each msgsize in {0}, {1, 2, 4, ..., maxbytes} {
for reps repetitions {
task 0 resets its counters then
task 0 sends a msgsize byte message to task 1 then
task 1 sends a msgsize byte message to task 0 then
task 0 logs the msgsize as "Bytes" and
the median of elapsed_usecs/2 as "1/2 RTT (usecs)"
} then
task 0 computes aggregates
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