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updates to TODO and README

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......@@ -55,7 +55,14 @@ simulator but just a test harness.
The compute node LP implements its own barrier and delay operations. Other
operations are sent to the server LPs for execution.
The test programs produce output (the simulated completion time of each
client and server) in a subdirectory called
codes-workload-test-results-<BIGNUMBERS>/. This output should be precisely
consistent regardless of the number of processes used in the simulation and
whether the simulation is executed in conservative or optimistic mode.
Running "make check" in the build directory will execute a single process
conservative version of the codes-workload-test simulation.
- Generalize the notation used to identify entities in the application (they
are referred to by ranks right now). See email from Dries 9/18/2013.
- Implement some "real" workload generator method examples.
- Plug workload API into storage simulations.
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