Commit 0ff25d9b authored by Neil McGlohon's avatar Neil McGlohon
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dfp: reintroduce missing lines from router_packet_send

parent a7768238
......@@ -4256,11 +4256,13 @@ static void router_packet_send(router_state *s, tw_bf *bf, terminal_plus_message
s->qos_data[output_port][vcg] += msg_size;
cur_entry = return_head(s->pending_msgs[output_port], s->pending_msgs_tail[output_port], output_chan);
rc_stack_push(lp, cur_entry, delete_terminal_plus_message_list, s->st);
s->qos_data[output_port][vcg] += msg_size;
s->next_output_available_time[output_port] -= s->params->router_delay;
ts -= s->params->router_delay;
int next_output_chan = get_next_router_vcg(s, bf, msg, lp);
if(next_output_chan < 0)
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