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Dragonfly Plus: Add Random Topo Generator

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# Copyright 2018 - Neil McGlohon
# An Object Oriented approach to topology generation - Allows for a logical generation that may be more complicated than v1 which used assumptions
# In hindsight this was a lot more complicated than I intended. It was looking to solve a complex problem that turned out to be invalid from the beginning.
### USAGE ###
# Correct usage: python3 <num_groups> <num_spine_pg> <num_leaf_pg> <router_radix> <num_terminal_per_leaf> <intra-file> <inter-file>
### ###
import sys
from enum import Enum
import struct
import numpy as np
argv = sys.argv
import random
import os
import copy
class RandomError(Exception):
def __init__(self, message):
self.message = message
class Loudness(Enum):
DEBUG = 0 #prints all output
EXTRA_LOUD = 1 #prints every single connection too
LOUD = 2 #prints group connections and other similarly verbose things
STANDARD = 3 #prints what step its working on
QUIET = 4 #print no output
global DRYRUN
global desired_num_gc_bg
if sys.version_info[0] < 3:
raise Exception("Python 3 or a more recent version is required.")
class ConnType(Enum):
class RouterType(Enum):
LEAF = 0
class AdjacencyType(Enum):
LOCAL_LOCAL = 0 # size = (num_routers_pg, num_routers_pg)
LOCAL_ONLY_GID = 1 # size = (total_routers, total_routers) but only the submatrix for the group is filled in. i.e. local connections only by gid
GLOBAL_ONLY = 2 # size = (total_routers, total_routers) but only the global connecitons are included
ALL_CONNS = 3 # size = (total_routers, total_routers) with global connections and local connections. Actual FULL adjacency matrix
def log(mystr, loudness):
if loudness.value >= LOUDNESS.value:
def sortBySource(conn): #returns the key by which connections should be sorted (source id, local or global)
if conn.connType is ConnType.LOCAL:
return conn.src_router.local_id
return conn.src_router.gid
def sortByDest(conn):
if conn.connType is ConnType.LOCAL:
return conn.dest_router.local_id
return conn.dest_router.gid
def convertLocalIDtoGID(router_lid, router_group_num, routers_per_group):
return router_lid + router_group_num * routers_per_group
def convertGIDtoLocalID(router_gid, routers_per_group):
return router_gid % routers_per_group
class DragonflyPlusNetwork(object):
def __init__(self,num_groups=5, num_spine_pg=2, num_leaf_pg=2, router_radix=4, num_hosts_per_leaf=2):
log("New Dragonfly Plus Network", Loudness.STANDARD)
self.num_groups = num_groups
self.num_spine_pg = num_spine_pg
self.num_leaf_pg = num_leaf_pg
self.router_radix = router_radix
self.num_global_links_per_spine = router_radix - num_leaf_pg
self.num_global_links_pg = self.num_global_links_per_spine * num_spine_pg
largest_num_groups = (router_radix//2)**2 + 1
global desired_num_gc_bg
self.desired_num_global_links_between_groups = desired_num_gc_bg
self.num_global_links_between_groups = (largest_num_groups-1)//(num_groups-1)
self.num_hosts_per_leaf = num_hosts_per_leaf #just for stats, not used in the actual topology export
self.localConnectionsOutput = []
self.globalConnectionsOutput = []
self.groups = []
if not DRYRUN:
def getSummary(self):
outStr = "\nDragonfly Plus Network:\n"
outStr += "\tNumber of Groups: %d\n" % self.num_groups
outStr += "\tRouter Radix: %d\n" % self.router_radix
outStr += "\tNumber Spine Per Group: %d\n" % self.num_spine_pg
outStr += "\tNumber Leaf Per Group: %d\n" % self.num_leaf_pg
outStr += "\tNumber Terminal Per Leaf: %d\n" % self.num_hosts_per_leaf
outStr += "\n"
outStr += "\tNumber GC per Spine: %d\n" % self.num_global_links_per_spine
outStr += "\tNumber GC per Group: %d\n" % (self.num_global_links_per_spine * self.num_spine_pg)
outStr += "\tNumber GC between Groups: %d\n" % (self.num_global_links_between_groups)
outStr += "\n"
outStr += "\tTotal Spine: %d\n" % (self.num_spine_pg * self.num_groups)
outStr += "\tTotal Leaf: %d\n" % (self.num_leaf_pg * self.num_groups)
outStr += "\tTotal Routers: %d\n" % ((self.num_leaf_pg + self.num_spine_pg) * self.num_groups)
outStr += "\tTotal Number Terminals: %d\n" % (self.num_leaf_pg * self.num_hosts_per_leaf * self.num_groups)
outStr += "\t"
return outStr
def initializeGroups(self):
groups = []
num_routers_pg = self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg
for new_group_id in range(self.num_groups):
newGroup = Group(new_group_id, self.num_global_links_pg, self)
for local_id in range(num_routers_pg):
router_gid = local_id + (new_group_id * num_routers_pg)
if local_id < self.num_leaf_pg:
intra_radix = self.num_spine_pg
inter_radix = 0
rt = RouterType.LEAF
elif local_id >= self.num_leaf_pg:
intra_radix = self.num_leaf_pg
inter_radix = self.getNumGlobalConnsPerSpine()
rt = RouterType.SPINE
newRouter = Router(router_gid, local_id, new_group_id, intra_radix, inter_radix, rt, self)
log("Added New Group. ID: %d, Size: %d" % ( new_group_id, len(newGroup.group_routers) ) , Loudness.LOUD)
self.groups = groups
def generateLocalGroupConnections(self):
log("Dragonfly Plus Network: Generating Local Group Connections", Loudness.STANDARD)
for group in self.groups:
def generateGlobalGroupConnections(self):
log("Dragonfly Plus Network: Generating Global Group Connections", Loudness.STANDARD)
for group in self.groups:
other_groups = group.getOtherGroupIDsStartingAfterMe(self.num_groups)
for ogid in other_groups:
og = self.groups[ogid]
gcb = GroupConnectionBundle(group, og, self.num_global_links_between_groups)
group.groupConnBundles[ogid] = gcb
group_copy = copy.deepcopy(self.groups)
tries = 0
success = False
while success is False:
for group in self.groups:
success = True
except RandomError:
tries += 1
self.groups = copy.deepcopy(group_copy)
if tries%20 == 0:
log("Failed after %d tries, trying again..."%tries, Loudness.STANDARD)
log("Failed after %d tries, trying again..."%tries, Loudness.LOUD)
def getNumGlobalConnsPerSpine(self):
return self.num_global_links_pg // self.num_spine_pg
def getTotalRouters(self):
return self.num_groups * (self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg)
def getTotalNodes(self):
return self.num_hosts_per_leaf * self.num_leaf_pg * self.num_groups
def getAllSpineRouters(self):
spine_rtrs = []
for g in self.groups:
for rtr in g.group_routers:
if rtr.routerType is RouterType.SPINE:
return spine_rtrs
def getAllLeafRouters(self):
leaf_rtrs = []
for g in self.groups:
for rtr in g.group_routers:
if rtr.routerType is RouterType.LEAF:
return leaf_rtrs
def getRouter(self,gid):
router_group_num = gid // (self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg)
offset = gid % (self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg)
rtr = self.groups[router_group_num].group_routers[offset]
assert(rtr.gid == gid)
return rtr
def precheckForErrors(self):
if self.num_global_links_pg % self.desired_num_global_links_between_groups != 0:
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Global Connection Fairness Violation. num_global_links_pg % num_global_links_between_groups != 0")
if self.num_global_links_pg % self.num_spine_pg != 0: #are we fair?
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Global Connection Fairness Violation. num_global_links_pg % num_spine_pg != 0!!!!")
if self.num_leaf_pg > (self.router_radix - self.getNumGlobalConnsPerSpine()): #do we have enough ports left to connect to all the leafs in the group after connecting global conns?
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Inadequate radix for number of global connections per spine router")
def verifyTopology(self):
A = self.getAdjacencyMatrix(AdjacencyType.ALL_CONNS)
#verify symmetry. 1 <-> 2 == 2 <-> 1
log("Verifying Symmetry...", Loudness.STANDARD)
for i in range(A.shape[0]):
for j in range(A.shape[1]):
if A[i][j] != A[j][i]:
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Failed Verification: Topology not symmetric")
#verify safe radix
log("Verifying Radix Usage...", Loudness.STANDARD)
for row in A:
# log("%d > %d: %s" % (sum(row), self.router_radix, str(sum(row) > self.router_radix) ) )
if sum(row) > self.router_radix:
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Failed Verification: Router Radix Exceeded")
#verify fairness
log("Verifying Fairness...", Loudness.STANDARD)
spine_rtrs = self.getAllSpineRouters()
leaf_rtrs = self.getAllLeafRouters()
#all spine routers have same local and global connections sizes
loc_conns = len(spine_rtrs[0].local_connections)
glob_conns = len(spine_rtrs[0].global_connections)
for s in spine_rtrs:
loc = len(s.local_connections)
glob = len(s.global_connections)
failed = False
if loc is not loc_conns:
failed = True
if glob is not glob_conns:
failed = True
#all leaf routers have same local and global connections sizes
#all leaf routers have 0 global connections
loc_conns = len(leaf_rtrs[0].local_connections)
glob_conns = 0
for l in leaf_rtrs:
loc = len(l.local_connections)
glob = len(l.global_connections)
failed = False
if loc is not loc_conns:
failed = True
if glob is not glob_conns:
failed = True
if failed:
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Failed Verification: Fairness")
log("Verifying Dragonfly Nature...", Loudness.STANDARD)
for g in self.groups:
for gcb in g.groupConnBundles.values():
if gcb.assigned_num_gc_between != self.num_global_links_between_groups:
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Invalid number of connections between groups")
for g in self.groups:
if len(set(g.groupConns)) != self.num_global_links_pg:
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Not Enough Group Connections for Group %d (%d != %d)"%(g.group_id,len(set(g.groupConns)), self.num_global_links_pg))
log("Verifying Inter Group Connection Uniformity...", Loudness.STANDARD)
num_gc_between_0_1 = len(self.groups[0].getConnectionsToGroup(1))
for g in self.groups:
other_groups = g.getOtherGroupIDsStartingAfterMe(self.num_groups)
for other_group_id in other_groups:
if len(g.getConnectionsToGroup(other_group_id)) != num_gc_between_0_1:
raise Exception("DragonflyPlusNetwork: Failed Verification: InterGroup Connection Uniformity")
def commitConnection(self,conn, connType):
if connType is ConnType.LOCAL:
def writeInterconnectionFile(self, inter_filename):
log("\nWriting out InterConnection File '%s': " % inter_filename, Loudness.STANDARD)
with open(inter_filename, "wb") as fd:
for conn in sorted(self.globalConnectionsOutput,key=sortBySource):
src_gid = conn.src_router.gid
dest_gid = conn.dest_router.gid
log("INTER %d %d sgrp %d dgrp %d" % (src_gid, dest_gid, conn.src_router.group_id, conn.dest_router.group_id), Loudness.EXTRA_LOUD)
def writeIntraconnectionFile(self, intra_filename):
log("\nWriting out IntraConnection File '%s': " % intra_filename, Loudness.STANDARD)
with open(intra_filename, "wb") as fd:
for conn in sorted(self.localConnectionsOutput,key=sortBySource):
if conn.src_router.group_id == 0:
src_id = conn.src_router.local_id
dest_id = conn.dest_router.local_id
log("INTRA %d %d" % (src_id, dest_id), Loudness.EXTRA_LOUD)
def getAdjacencyMatrix(self, adj_type):
conns = []
if adj_type is AdjacencyType.LOCAL_LOCAL:
size = self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg
elif adj_type is AdjacencyType.LOCAL_ONLY_GID:
size = self.num_groups * (self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg)
elif adj_type is AdjacencyType.GLOBAL_ONLY:
size = self.num_groups * (self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg)
elif adj_type is AdjacencyType.ALL_CONNS:
size = self.num_groups * (self.num_spine_pg + self.num_leaf_pg)
log("A = np.zeros((%d,%d))" % (size,size), Loudness.DEBUG)
A = np.zeros((size,size))
for conn in conns:
if adj_type is AdjacencyType.LOCAL_LOCAL:
if conn.src_router.group_id is 0:
A[conn.src_router.local_id][conn.dest_router.local_id] += 1
A[conn.src_router.gid][conn.dest_router.gid] += 1
return A
class Group(object):
def __init__(self, group_id, group_global_radix, network):
self.group_id = group_id
self.group_routers = [] #list of routers in this group
self.group_global_radix = group_global_radix #number of connections from this group to other groups
self.used_radix = 0 #used number of connections from this group to other groups = network
self.groupConns = []
self.groupConnBundles = {}
def addRouter(self,router):
self.used_radix += router.inter_radix
def getSpineRouters(self):
return [r for r in self.group_routers if r.routerType is RouterType.SPINE]
def getLeafRouters(self):
return [r for r in self.group_routers if r.routerType is RouterType.LEAF]
def getRoutersWithOpenPorts(self,routerType, connType):
if routerType is RouterType.SPINE:
if connType is ConnType.GLOBAL:
return [r for r in self.group_routers if (r.routerType is RouterType.SPINE) if (len(r.global_connections) < r.inter_radix) ]
return [r for r in self.group_routers if (r.routerType is RouterType.SPINE) if (len(r.local_connections) < r.intra_radix) ]
if connType is ConnType.GLOBAL:
return [r for r in self.group_routers if (r.routerType is RouterType.LEAF) if (len(r.global_connections) < r.inter_radix) ]
return [r for r in self.group_routers if (r.routerType is RouterType.LEAF) if (len(r.local_connections) < r.intra_radix) ]
def getRandomOpenRouter(self, routerType, connType, exceptions=None):
avail_routers = self.getRoutersWithOpenPorts(routerType, connType)
if exceptions == None:
if (len(avail_routers) == 0):
raise RandomError("Randomized Dead End (exceptions == none)!")
rand_sel = random.randint(0,len(avail_routers)-1)
return avail_routers[rand_sel]
avail_routers_set = set(avail_routers)
exception_set = set(exceptions)
remaining_routers = list(avail_routers_set - exception_set)
if (len(remaining_routers) == 0):
raise RandomError("Randomized Dead End! (exceptions == something)")
rand_sel = random.randint(0, len(remaining_routers) -1 )
return remaining_routers[rand_sel]
def getOtherGroupIDsStartingAfterMe(self,num_groups):
my_group_id = self.group_id
all_group_ids = [i for i in range(num_groups) if i != my_group_id]
return np.roll(all_group_ids, -1*my_group_id)
def getConnectionsToGroup(self,other_group_id):
return [conn for conn in self.groupConns if conn.dest_router.group_id == other_group_id]
def generateLocalConnections(self):
log("Group %d: generating local connections" % self.group_id, Loudness.LOUD)
spine_routers = [rtr for rtr in self.group_routers if rtr.routerType == RouterType.SPINE]
leaf_routers = [rtr for rtr in self.group_routers if rtr.routerType == RouterType.LEAF]
for srtr in spine_routers:
for lrtr in leaf_routers:
srtr.connectTo(lrtr, ConnType.LOCAL)
def assignGlobalConnectionsToRouters(self):
log("Group %d: assigning global connections" % self.group_id, Loudness.LOUD)
for gcb in self.groupConnBundles.values():
for i in range(gcb.num_gc_between):
if (gcb.assigned_num_gc_between < gcb.num_gc_between):
src_rtr = gcb.src_group.getRandomOpenRouter(RouterType.SPINE, ConnType.GLOBAL)
dest_rtr = gcb.dest_group.getRandomOpenRouter(RouterType.SPINE, ConnType.GLOBAL, exceptions=src_rtr.getRoutersIConnectTo(ConnType.GLOBAL)) #TODO this exceptions prevents parallel connections from being valid
(src_conn, dest_conn ) = src_rtr.connectTo(dest_rtr, ConnType.GLOBAL)
dest_gcb = gcb.dest_group.groupConnBundles[self.group_id] #the group connection bundle from dest to src
class Router(object):
def __init__(self, self_gid, self_local_id, group_id, intra_radix, inter_radix, routerType, network):
self.gid = self_gid
self.local_id = self_local_id
self.group_id = group_id
self.intra_radix = intra_radix
self.inter_radix = inter_radix
self.routerType = routerType
self.local_connections = []
self.global_connections = [] = network
log("New Router: GID: %d LID: %d Group %d" % (self.gid, self.local_id, self.group_id), Loudness.DEBUG)
def connectTo(self, other_rtr, connType):
if connType is ConnType.GLOBAL:
assert(self.routerType == RouterType.SPINE)
assert(other_rtr.routerType == RouterType.SPINE)
conn = Connection(self,other_rtr,connType)
oconn = Connection(other_rtr, self,connType)
self.addConnection(conn, connType)
other_rtr.addConnection(oconn, connType)
return (conn, oconn)
def connectToOneWay(self, other_rtr, connType): #connects without connecting backward - for use if you know your loop will double count
if connType is ConnType.GLOBAL:
assert(self.routerType == RouterType.SPINE)
assert(other_rtr.routerType == RouterType.SPINE)
conn = Connection(self, other_rtr, connType)
self.addConnection(conn, connType)
def addConnection(self,conn, conntype):
if conntype is ConnType.LOCAL:
if len(self.local_connections) >= self.intra_radix:
raise Exception("Router %d: Cannot add connection, exceeds intra_radix"% self.gid)
log("New: INTRA %d %d" % (conn.src_router.local_id, conn.dest_router.local_id), Loudness.EXTRA_LOUD)
elif conntype is ConnType.GLOBAL:
if len(self.global_connections) >= self.inter_radix:
raise Exception("Router %d: Cannot add connection, exceeds inter_radix"% self.gid)
log("New: INTER %d %d | Group: %d -> %d" % (conn.src_router.gid, conn.dest_router.gid, conn.src_router.group_id, conn.dest_router.group_id), Loudness.EXTRA_LOUD)
raise Exception("Invalid Connection Type"), conntype)
def getRoutersIConnectTo(self, connType):
other_routers = []
if connType is ConnType.GLOBAL:
other_routers.extend([conn.dest_router for conn in self.global_connections])
if connType is ConnType.LOCAL:
other_routers.extend([conn.dest_router for conn in self.local_connections])
return other_routers
def getGroupsIConnectTo(self):
other_groups = set()
for gc in self.global_connections:
if gc.dest_group not in other_groups:
return other_groups
def __hash__(self):
return self.gid
class Connection(object):
def __init__(self, src_router, dest_router, connType, shifted_by=0):
self.src_router = src_router
self.dest_router = dest_router
self.connType = connType
self.shifted_by = shifted_by
def __getitem__(self, key):
if type(key) is str:
if key == "src":
return self.src_router
if key == "dest":
return self.dest_router
elif type(key) is int:
if key is 0:
return self.src_router
elif key is 1:
return self.dest_router
raise IndexError("Connection: index out of range")
raise KeyError("Connection: Invalid __getitem__() key")
class GroupConnectionBundle(object):
def __init__(self, src_group, dest_group, num_gc_between):
for i in range(num_gc_between):
log("Group %d -> Group %d" % (src_group.group_id, dest_group.group_id), Loudness.LOUD)
self.src_group = src_group
self.dest_group = dest_group
self.num_gc_between = num_gc_between
self.assigned_num_gc_between = 0
self.assigned_conns = []
def assignConnection(self, src_conn):
self.assigned_num_gc_between += 1
if (len(self.assigned_conns) > self.num_gc_between):
raise Exception("GroupConnectionBundle: assigning too many connections!")
def parseOptionArguments():
global DRYRUN
if "--debug" in argv:
if "--extra-loud" in argv:
if "--loud" in argv: